Friday, 11 February 2011

Chilly Gonzales

, originally uploaded by clarencecoconut.

Chilly Gonzales was the highlight this week. The man is not just a musical genius but he is also one of the funniest people I have ever encountered.

The session started with an exclusive look at Ivory Tower, the movie he has produced about 'Jazz Chess'. Very funny in parts but it didn't need to be so long. Good to see Peaches and Feist making appearances.

The musical part of the session began very serious with two classical tracks from the Solo Piano album:

After that the show was bursts of rap mixed with beautiful melodies and extremely funny moments. At one point he was playing so fast it was like strobe lighting effects on his hands, with sweat spraying the piano as he moved.

Liverpool was honoured with a Frankie Goes to Hollywood mix of the Power of Love, to Hotel California, to Champagne Supernover and on to Phil Collins In the Air Tonight. He regaled us of his tales about people sampling his music and his involvement with the iPad with little acknowledgment or financial gain. He is an excellent storyteller and the evening ended too soon, not before some Broadway:

One of my favourite tracks of the evening was Dot from Solo Piano:

I used to judge people on the music they liked but have vowed from now on to only judge if they do not loveLoveLOVE the Chilly Gonzales.